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Replacing an internally routed gear cable

It’s one of the jobs that I’d been dreading ever since buying my MEKK Poggio back in Feb 2014. And it’s probably, in part, why I hadn’t replaced my cable at an earlier opportunity and found myself snapping it mid-ride in the Peak District and having to single-speed my way up Holme Moss. Continue reading “Replacing an internally routed gear cable”

Mio Link Heart Rate Monitor – HRM

The ‘Mio Link’ is a heart rate monitor that you wear on your wrist rather than being strapped around your chest. It can then send out your heart rate data via Bluetooth 4 or ANT+ to a smartphone or Garmin device. Continue reading “Mio Link Heart Rate Monitor – HRM”

Changing the bottom bracket bearings – Mekk Poggio

When people talk about changing their bottom bracket bearings they tend to be talking about replacing the complete bottom bracket assembly. Usually consisting of two composite plastic cups pre-fitted with the sealed bearings and probably a connecting tube that sits between the cups. In my case I went ahead and replaced the sealed bearings in the cups instead.

Continue reading “Changing the bottom bracket bearings – Mekk Poggio”

Mekk Poggio Bottom Bracket – Replacement

Not one of the easiest jobs and fortunately not a job that has to done too regularly, but sometimes you have to replace those bottom bracket bearings. On a general strip and cleanup of my Poggio this weekend I took my chainset off as I suspected my bearings might need attention. Continue reading “Mekk Poggio Bottom Bracket – Replacement”

Fitted some new brake pads – Swiss Stop Flash Pro Original Black Compound

There are reviews out there that berated the brake pads that come with the Mekk Poggio as a standard fit. Personally I’ve not had any issues with them at all; I’ve always been able to reach a controlled stop whenever I’ve wanted to and in all conditions. However, there comes a time when you have to change your brake pads no matter how much you like them; they are a wearing part after all! Continue reading “Fitted some new brake pads – Swiss Stop Flash Pro Original Black Compound”

Using ANT+ sensors with smartphone apps

Hopefully you read my last post; if so then this is the promised ‘next post’ and you’ll know that I recently got a pair of ANT+ sensors from Garmin to go with my Sony Xperia Z2. The ANT+ experience varies wildly from app to app and hopefully I’ll help a few people with my findings.

Continue reading “Using ANT+ sensors with smartphone apps”

New Garmin ANT+ sensors for my smartphone

One of the downsides of my Quad Lock mount is that now I want to see more data displayed on my phone in real time. And real time data means ‘sensors’. Ideally I’d have power sensors but due to budget limits, I’ll take speed and cadence instead.

Continue reading “New Garmin ANT+ sensors for my smartphone”

Topeak Whitelight/Redlight Race Lights for Podgy – Review

The evenings are drawing in again; I know it’s still September and there’s still a lot of light available to ride in but long evening rides are now ending in dusk. So there’s a need for lights, especially when riding on the road.

Continue reading “Topeak Whitelight/Redlight Race Lights for Podgy – Review”

A little bit of headset adjustment needed

Bikes need the occasional bit of attention to keep them running at their optimum level, we all know that but there are little things that are easy to overlook. I’ve been regularly giving Podgy a quick wipe down and cleaning/lubing the chain and keeping the tyre pressures in check. But when I started to feel a tiny bit wobbly upfront and a bit of excessive judder when bouncing through the potholes, for some reason I thought nothing of it. Who knows why? Continue reading “A little bit of headset adjustment needed”

Review of the Quad Lock system phone mount

There’s a saying that’s common among mountain bikers about having fun and not caring about stats – “It’s not about the miles, it’s all about the smiles!” And I would pretty much agree and so my smartphone although busy tracking my ride tends to go into a pocket of my rucksack. On Podgy, my road bike however all of that changes. When I’m riding the roads I want to push myself, I want to know what average speed I’m doing, I want to know what my cadence and heart rate are (not that I have any sensors yet, but I would like to). So having a smartphone mount on my handlebar or stem is desirable. Continue reading “Review of the Quad Lock system phone mount”

Replacement rear tyre needed for Podgy

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed you may have noticed that I posted a picture of my ‘out of shape’ rear tyre. I’m not entirely sure what happened but I did skid while braking very suddenly during a ride to Cambridge to watch the Tour de France and I’m guessing that I must have flat spotted the tyre at that point and then on my subsequent ride it wore down to the condition that you can see in the pictures. The second ride in question wasn’t really a long one but it did have some tough road surfaces including cattle grids and also some steep hills both up and more importantly ‘down’. Continue reading “Replacement rear tyre needed for Podgy”

A new bike deserves new matching kit, obviously!

Up until my recent road bike purchase, all my riding gear has been mountain biking focused and black and blue themed.

After all, what need is there for pockets on the back of your jersey when you have a rucksack on your back? And it’s just natural to choose blue items when your bike has a blue frame! Continue reading “A new bike deserves new matching kit, obviously!”

Poggio del Re; 500 km later

Can you properly get a feel for a bike based on a single ride? In my opinion, no. So here I am with just over 500 km under my belt on my new Mekk Poggio road bike, Poggio Del Re. Lets take a look at my thoughts on the bike, developed during those first 500. Continue reading “Poggio del Re; 500 km later”

Adding the final touches to the bike

After taking my mountain bike (MuddyGoose) through so many upgrades that pretty much only the frame is original now, I decided that I would try to keep this bike (Poggio Del Re or Podgy for short) in it’s original form for as long as I could. However, it didn’t arrive quite as I’d expected and so some immediate ‘finishing touches’ were required. Continue reading “Adding the final touches to the bike”

First Decent Length Ride on “Poggio Del Re”

On Saturday morning the sun came out and I had a couple of hours to spare, so the opportunity was ripe for a ride on “Poggio Del Re”, my new Mekk Poggio road bike. Unfortunately as far as blogging goes I was out for the ride, so I really don’t have much in the way of photographs to show but read on anyway and I’ll try to entertain you with just words! Continue reading “First Decent Length Ride on “Poggio Del Re””

The Replacement Has Arrived

In my previous post, I described how my bike had been delivered from Tredz but in a far from satisfactory state. Well, I contacted them and they arranged for it to be collected from my house on a day of my choosing and then delivered back to me a replacement. That replacement has arrived and so I am now the proud owner of a fully up to scratch (without scratches) Mekk Poggio 1.5 carbon road bike; hooray! Continue reading “The Replacement Has Arrived”

Bike Chosen, Ordered & Delivered

After my period of deliberating, I finally decided to go ahead and order myself a Mekk Poggio 1.5 carbon framed road bike. The price was the same at several on-line ‘shops’ with Wiggle being a touch more expensive on this occasion. However, Tredz had a spend and save offer that allowed me to get an extra £60 off the price, or an extra £100 by the time I added a set of posh pedals and a new helmet! Fortunately the only size they had left was my size, so I went ahead and placed an order. Continue reading “Bike Chosen, Ordered & Delivered”

Holdsworth Trentino Tiagra

Planet X have revived the Holdsworth brand and the Trentino appears to be a slightly lower end version of their Planet X Pro Carbon bike. Being a carbon option for a similar price as the Mekk Poggio this one also made my shortlist. Continue reading “Holdsworth Trentino Tiagra”

Mekk 2G Poggio P1.5 Sora

This was about as good value as I could find for a full carbon bike. The Mekk Poggio made my shortlist essentially as a carbon version of the Pinerolo; a couple of hundred pounds more and with the same wheels and components. The extra money going into the frameset. Continue reading “Mekk 2G Poggio P1.5 Sora”

Planet X RT-58 Alloy Tiagra

Another aluminium frame option, like the Mekk Pinerolo but with a different spec and a different colour. The Planet X RT-58 Alloy made my short list as the more expensive alloy option. Continue reading “Planet X RT-58 Alloy Tiagra”

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